Sunday, 11 May 2014

Why blog?

This is a question everybody who blogs has to ask themselves when they start blogging. Why put time and effort into producing a blog? In my case it’s because I love teaching people. I’m fortunate to be in a job which includes teaching youth, but even though I get to set my own curriculum there are things I’d love to teach on that I simply don’t get to (I'm still waiting to be asked to preach on the theology of Batman). 

So what will this blog be about? Foremost it will be about faith. Within theological circles we have a saying: fides quaerens intellectum – faith seeking understanding. We seek to understand the world through the framework of faith. But this does not limit us to only theology; the Christian Church has long prized a cosmopolitan education. This blog will combine my interests in theology, history (especially Medieval), science, pop culture, and current issues facing young Christians. So whether you’re interested in the Christian life, the history of science and religion, or just want to know how a young Christian male views faith, hang on; it could be a bumpy ride.

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